GrangesideGrangeside school is a mixed BESD secondary special school for pupils from 11-16yrs, set in the town of Basingstoke, Hampshire.

We offer the full National Curriculum entitlement and take pupils from all over Hampshire.


Grangeside school aims to engage, inspire and equip all learners by offering a personalised learning experience.
We offer a wide range of opportunities for individual growth and success.

Ethos & Values

Grangeside School aims to support and encourage your child to do as well as they can, and to help them develop skills they will need for the future.

We will give your child extra help during the school day so that they can catch up on any school work they may have missed.

We will help your child to share and co-operate, learn how to make and keep friends, and how to enjoy their days at school.

We want to work closely with you so that together, we can help your child to build a happy and successful life.

School Prospectus

Our school prospectus can be requested from school.

News Letter

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