Our Pupils can study most of the subjects of the National Curriculum up to examination level. Pupils who are able to get a grade at GCSE are entered for that examination. Pupils can also take other qualifications. If a pupil is entered for an external examination but fails to attend without good cause, his parents will be asked to reimburse the school for the cost of the entry fee.

Careers Education is an essential part of the curriculum and parents are involved in the process. We work with the Careers Service to help the Pupils understand the opportunities available to them when they leave school. They learn job finding skills and interview techniques. We will encourage them to think about what type of work they might wish to do. The senior pupils can go to local firms and industry for block periods of work experience. They learn about the demands of the work place, how to share and co-operate as part of a team at work.

Sex education is taught within the context of the Personal, Social and Health Education programme of the school and also within Science as part of the National Curriculum. It is taught in a supportive environment in which pupils are encouraged to explore their feelings, values and experiences and those of others.

Factual information on topics such as puberty, human reproduction, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, is provided and the law as it relates to sexual matters is clearly stated. Parents are informed what their children will be taught each term so that you can help your child. The policy on sex education is available at the school. You can contact the Head Teacher at any time if you wish your child to be withdrawn from any part of the sex education programme.

We teach the agreed syllabus of religious education. We will try to make alternative arrangement if you do not wish your child to receive this instruction.